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Share Your Climate Story

Climate change is ushering in real and unprecedented hardship for people all across the U.S. Our Capital Region communities have suffered direct consequences including homes and businesses damaged by Hurricanes Irene and Lee, mounting health threats ranging from emphysema to Lyme disease, shifting agricultural conditions for New York farmers, and much more.

This multi-generation threat demands a national response. We cannot afford to fail, and we must not allow special interests to push their agenda of climate denial any further. The vast majority of scientists agree, but we need more than data to win this debate. We need the true stories of real Americans who have been affected. If you or someone you know has experienced loss due to severe weather, climate-related health conditions including heart disease, lung disease or heat stroke, I hope you will share your story below. With your permission, I plan to share your stories at important events, in speeches I give, and with my colleagues in the U.S. Congress.

You can read my framework for climate action at tonko.house.gov/climate.

Thank you.



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