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Congressional Commendation

As a Member of Congress, it is my privilege to be able to officially recognize outstanding public achievements by the people who live in our Congressional district.
  • Anniversary Greetings for couples celebrating 50 years of marriage of more
  • Appointment to public office
  • Awards or honors
  • Birthday Greetings for persons 70 years of age or over, or 60 or over for veterans
  • Citizenship
  • Eagle Scout
  • Election to public office
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Graduation
  • Heroism
  • Military academy appointment
  • Religious Anniversary
  • Retirement for 20 years of service of longer
  • Other achievements of public distinction

DISCLAIMER: Names, tiles, and dates will be transcribed on commendations as is. Please ensure that all names, titles, and dates are correct before submitting your request.

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This is restricted to residents of my district. Please enter your zip code to continue.

If you do not know the four digit +4 extension for your zip code, please check the U.S. Postal Service website for more information.

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