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Library of Congress Surplus Book Request

U.S. Library of Congress
Surplus Books Program

U.S. Representative Paul D. Tonko,
New York 20th Congressional District

The Library of Congress Surplus Books Program donates surplus books to educational institutions, public agencies, and nonprofit tax-exempt agencies with the purpose of building library collections, not to raise funds for institutions or organizations. My office is happy to help facilitate your organization's request for books through the program. The books will consist of a miscellaneous assortment of genres, including children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, reference books, text books, test-prep books and many others. The selection provided through the Surplus Books Program changes frequently and is not listed in any database. We will do our best to find books that match your interests, but we cannot guarantee the exact books you request will be available. We recommend keeping your requests general, e.g. “test-prep books” OR "books about biology" rather than “A.P. Biology test-prep books”.

To request books for your organization, complete and submit the Surplus Books Request form below. Once your book request is received, someone from our office will contact you.

More information about the Library of Congress Surplus Books program can be found here.

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