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Tonko Cheers White House Plan for Scientific Integrity Summit

Scientific Integrity Act author calls for Biden Administration to fund federal science standards

  • Rep. Paul Tonko

WASHINGTON—Congressman Paul D. Tonko cheered news today that the Biden Administration will convene a scientific integrity meeting this week to explore past instances of political meddling and develop stronger scientific integrity policies across the federal government, a longtime priority for Tonko. The convening will bring together scientists and federal agency leaders and will be spearheaded by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Tonko—chief architect and lead House sponsor of the Scientific Integrity Act—has long fought to protect, build out and standardize federal scientific integrity policies. He previously sent a letter to President Joe Biden shortly after his swearing-in to request the new president’s support of Tonko’s bipartisan legislation as well as to expand the role of the OSTP in developing policy nationwide.

“The work we do in Washington and all across the nation has a profound impact on the lives of the American people, and we have a duty to ensure that work is grounded in strong, independent science and evidence; that all starts with ensuring we have strong scientific integrity standards across all of our federal agencies,” Congressman Tonko said. “This White House summit shows that our nation once again has leaders who understand and value science as a fundamental tool in smart policymaking and good governance. I look forward to further collaboration with this White House to strengthen the role of science as the watchword of good, effective government that lifts up the people and communities we are sworn to serve.”

Rep. Tonko’s bipartisan Scientific Integrity Act sets clear, enforceable standards for federal agencies and federally-funded research to keep public science independent from political or special interest meddling. The legislation has garnered 170 cosponsors.



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