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Tonko Advances Historic CHIPS Bill to Combat Inflation & Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing

Legislation includes Tonko-authored provisions that will lower consumer costs & secure key investments for Capital Region and nation

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WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Paul D. Tonko voted today to advance the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, legislation that invests $52 billion in semiconductor chip manufacturing to strengthen domestic supply chains and lower costs for Americans. This sweeping, innovative package includes many key measures championed by Tonko and his colleagues in the House, including his bipartisan Microelectronics Research for Energy Innovation Act that empowers the Department of Energy to drive up research and development of microelectronics.

“At a moment when supply chain delays and rampant inflation are straining the pocketbooks of hardworking families, today’s action will be a game changer for our economy, semiconductor industry, and Capital Region,” Congressman Tonko said. “I pushed for months to deliver this investment in our nation’s future and tackle some of the most pressing issues facing Americans. Our CHIPS Act will ensure the U.S. can out-compete any nation in semiconductor manufacturing while supporting a critical industry, driving research and development, and creating good paying jobs. Additionally, many House measures advanced in this bill will accelerate microelectronics research and establish key guardrails to prevent companies from investing in overseas competitors. I am proud of my work to bring this critical package to fruition and will continue pushing for legislative action that delivers for American workers, consumers, and communities.”  

Dr. Douglas Grose, spokesperson for ASIC said, “The American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for moving quickly to pass the CHIPS and Science Act to help restore U.S leadership in semiconductor innovation and keep us competitive on a global scale. As the bill now moves to the White House, we will show the U.S. Department of Commerce how we can leverage an existing, effective chip ecosystem to rapidly establish a National Semiconductor Technology Center innovation hub.”

"The CHIPS Act will reinvigorate U.S. leadership in critical technologies that this country invented. It will accelerate the pace of innovation and it will create good paying jobs across the country. IBM, together with all our partners in the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition, applaud Congress for getting this bill over the line. It will be a major milestone in America’s long history of putting science and technology to work in the national interest." – Dario Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research

David Anderson, President, NY CREATES said, “The CHIPS and Science Act is a strategic investment in our country’s future and will help to re-establish American leadership in the global semiconductor industry. We’re grateful for Congressman Tonko and the New York Delegation’s tireless efforts to push this legislation across the finish line. As we wait for the President’s signature, NY CREATES, along with our partners across the state and nation, stands ready to support the Federal government in creating a National Semiconductor Technology Center with an ecosystem in place that can hit the ground running.”

“With the votes taken today in the House of Representatives and yesterday in the U.S. Senate, Congress has expressed broad, bipartisan and national support for leveling the playing field for competitive semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S.,” said Dr. Thomas Caulfield, president and CEO of GF. “This week, Congress took action to protect U.S. economic, supply chain and national security by accelerating semiconductor manufacturing on American soil. We are grateful to Congressman Paul Tonko and the many steadfast leaders in the House, Senate, White House and Department of Commerce who helped us overcome obstacles and remained focused on increasing the U.S. share of global semiconductor manufacturing in America.”

Tonko will continue pushing for semiconductor investments directly to the Capital Region, including his campaign to establish a National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC)—funded under CHIPS—in New York State. The final legislation contains dozens of bills championed by the House, including Tonko’s Micro Act, that strengthens research and development of microelectronics and strengthens oversight of programs supporting innovation and domestic manufactures.

The CHIPS Act:

  • Lowers costs for American consumers – by making more critical semiconductor components in America, helping end the shortage of chips that have driven up the price of everything from cars to consumer goods.
  • Creates 100,000 new good-paying jobs – creates strong Davis-Bacon jobs building hi-tech manufacturing facilities here in America.
  • Ends our dangerous dependence on foreign manufacturers – bringing critical semiconductor manufacturing back to America instead of overseas where it can be threatened by our adversaries.
  • Turbocharges American R&D – powering America’s preeminence in both basic research and next-generation technologies and ensuring that the technologies of the future are made here in America.
  • Diversifies and expands the innovation workforce – broadening the pool of brainpower and talent so that we are embracing the full potential from all our communities, helping to diversify our STEM workforce and advancing regional technology hubs to ensure communities across the country can help in American research and development.

Tonko visited Albany Nanotech last month to discuss the semiconductor industry in New York and beyond, and the importance of investing in chip manufacturing to address supply chain disruptions and strengthen the industry. 


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