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Tonko Bill to Rename STOCK Act in Honor of Late Representative Louise McIntosh Slaughter Passes House

Fitting tribute to late Rochester-area Congresswoman and colleague

WASHINGTON Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed by voice vote, H.R. 6870, a bill to rename the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012 in honor of Representative Louise McIntosh Slaughter. The bill was introduced earlier this week by Representative Tonko, her dear friend and colleague.

“Members of Congress should not use their elected position to enrich themselves,” said Congressman Tonko. “We are entrusted with access to information, federal agencies and intelligence to make our nation safer, stronger and better. The STOCK Act prohibits Members of Congress and our staff from using insider information to line our own pockets. It is fitting that the STOCK Act be renamed after my dear friend and colleague, lovingly referred to as simply Louise. She stood for accountability, integrity, openness and transparency. The renaming of this law will honor her legacy and lifetime of service.”

Robin Slaughter Minerva, daughter of late Congresswoman Slaughter, said: “We are grateful to Congressman Tonko and all our mother’s colleagues and friends who made this special tribute possible. No one loved the institution of Congress more than Louise and she fought hard to ensure that those who had the privilege to serve did not abuse their power. In the weeks and months to come, we hope Republicans and Democrats come together to pass additional ethics reforms that would further serve as lasting tribute to her legacy.”

Congressman Tonko applauded the passage of this bill on the House floor earlier today. Full text of the remarks, as delivered, are below.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker.

“During this one hundred and fifteenth session of Congress, the House lost one of its most passionate souls, the late Representative Louise McIntosh Slaughter.

“She worked day in and day out with great passion and great integrity.

“She understood that it was about trust that was placed into a member of Congress by the people that have chosen to have you be their voice here in Congress.

“So, to Louise Slaughter, it was important to make certain that government was transparent and accountable. And so, she drove the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act which was dubbed the STOCK Act.

“I am so proud to have sponsored legislation today that has renamed in her honor that STOCK Act. Louise Slaughter worked for this transparency in this House. She knew that it was about making the lives of the constituents that we represent all the stronger and all the fuller, and not enriching our own lives by the trust placed in us.

“Louise Slaughter, this is an honor to rename the STOCK Act because of your hard work, because of your integrity.

“With that, Mr. Speaker, I yield back.”


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