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FY2025 Community Project Funding Requests

The House Committee on Appropriations announced that the Committee is accepting Community Project Funding (CPF) requests from Members of the U.S. House of Representatives for Fiscal Year 2024. This is in addition to the standard programmatic and language-based requests. Each Member is limited to no more than 15 Community Project Funding requests across all subcommittees for FY2025. The funding process will be highly selective and there is no guarantee that any of the requested projects will be funded. The FY2025 CPF process has a limited scope and eligible accounts are restricted.

Please note:
  • Congressman Tonko CANNOT accept CPF requests for projects outside of NY-20
  • All projects must meet relevant statutory and administrative criteria for funding through the grant program under which it is submitted
  • A request submitted to Congressman Tonko does NOT guarantee the project will be selected, and the selection of a project for formal submission does NOT guarantee it will be funded by the Appropriations Committee
  • The Committee will NOT provide cost-share waivers and grantees are legally responsible for meeting the non-federal cost share requirements and all other applicable grant criteria

NOTE: The projects are listed alphabetically by project title.

Project Title: ADA Transition Plan Sidewalk Improvement Implementation 

Recipient: Village of Ballston Spa 

Address: 66 Front Street, Ballston Spa, NY 12020 

Amount Requested: $ 3,775,000 

Project Description: This project would help with the installation of ADA accessible sidewalks and the repair of deteriorating sidewalks, totaling an estimated 290,400 square feet. This project is especially important because of the proximity to several schools such as Malta Avenue Elementary School, Ballston Spa Middle School, and Ballston Spa High School, and because of the high senior population. The reliance on the sidewalk system by residents with mobility issues, students, and seniors is somewhat unique for New York Villages, but the density and vibrant Central Business District make Ballston Spa extraordinarily walkable. The handling of the sidewalk issues is of paramount importance to ensure the continued growth and vibrance of Ballston Spa. 

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Project Title: Applied Technology Education Center Project

Recipient: Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC)

Address: 80 Vandenburgh Avenue, Troy, NY 12180

Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Project Description: The funding would be put toward the construction of a high-tech, energy efficient 3,700 square foot Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Lab. In ATEC, expanded academic and non-credit offerings will prepare unemployed and underemployed individuals for careers in high-demand industries such as building systems, renewable energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and transportation technologies.

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Project Title: A Building of Our Own 

Recipient: Crossroads Center for Children 

Organization Address: 1136 North Westcott Road, Suite 100, Schenectady, NY 12306 

Project Address: 395 Becker Drive, Schenectady, NY 12306 

Amount Requested: $1,000,000 

Project Description: This project will allow the Crossroads Center for Children to renovate their newly purchased facility and for the construction of a brand-new wing. This building will be a permanent space for their school and ABA Clinic, serving 120 children each year from all over the Capital Region, most with autism, from 2-12 years old. This project is essential to meet the growing needs of the area, and this building and wing construction represents a commitment to this population and the community. 

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Project Title: Clean Water Resiliency and Village Growth Project 

Recipient: Village of Voorheesville 

Address: 29 Voorheesville Avenue, Voorheesville, NY 12186 

Amount Requested: $300,000 

Project Description: This project will help improve sewer infrastructure that has been identified as a leading community and regional weakness. Existing inflow and infiltration problems are compromising the capacity of the sewer system and preventing new development in Voorheesville and surrounding communities. Specifically, this project will fund final design, bidding, and construction of priority sewer collection upgrades and related engineering reports. This will include replacing approximately 3,600 linear feet of 60-year-old asbestos concrete pipes. New PVC pipes will be installed for wastewater collection systems at the treatment plant.  

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Project Title: CNSE 200mm Wafer Cleanroom Equipment Upgrade Project

Recipient: University at Albany

Address: 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222

Amount Requested: $1,100,000

Project Description: The funding would be used for new lab equipment to provide leading-edge capabilities as well as continuing to enable the Albany Nanotech Complex research community and New York industrial partners to fabricate novel materials and devices. This equipment will provide new analytical and measurement capabilities for microchip fabrication and testing in UAlbany’s 200mm Innovation Lab at CNSE and will support silicon wafer processing to yield devices supporting small to medium size companies in the research, development, and deployment of their technologies.

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Project Title: Community Corner Creation 

Recipient: Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Inc.  

Address: 6 South Main Street 2 South Main Street, Mechanicville, NY 12118 

Amount Requested: $1,200,000 

Project Description: This project will create a “Community Campus”– a cornerstone of support networks for the greater Mechanicville area. The Arts Center on the Hudson will become a building for community meals, workforce development, and will house a commissary kitchen available to small business owners. The River House will be home to domestic violence and mental health supports, family development services, senior health and wellness resources, and an innovative food pantry with the ability to administer food as medicine programs and 24-hour access to fresh produce. Construction of a 3200-foot childcare facility with training room for staff to obtain their CDA license to secure higher paying wages while caring for children will serve the community and employers with non-traditional work hours. The community center space completes the campus, and will be dedicated to youth programming, education, and parenting supports. 

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Project Title: Community Park Improvements 

Recipient: Village of Scotia 

Address: 4 N. Ten Broeck Street, Scotia, New York, 12302 

Amount Requested: $3,222,496 

Project Description: This project will further improvements at Collins, Quinlan, and Schonowee Trailhead Parks and on the Mohawk riverfront at Scotia Landing, to improve safety and public access. The Collins Park improvements include construction of ADA bathrooms, shade shelters, a pavilion, and repairs to courts and fields. The Quinlan Park improvements include construction of a parking lot, signs, sidewalks, and improved drainage. The Schonowee Trailhead Park improvements include a better parking area, and construction of a pavilion. Scotia Landing updates include refurbished docks and a new kayak launch. These changes will collectively enhance community safety and public access, improve the quality of life and health of residents and visitors through increased physical activity and social connection, and spur economic activity through increased visitation to improved amenities, which will drive greater patronage of local businesses.  

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Project Title: Essential Building Repair and Update 

Recipient: Glenville Hill Fire District No. 8 

Address: 1086 Church Road, Scotia, NY 12302 

Amount Requested: $593,000 

Project Description: This project will repair and update an existing 70-plus year aged fire station building that no longer meets the current safety and accessibility standards. This project will improve volunteer firefighter-EMT safety, provide workable apparatus bays, and create an accessible location to accommodate and meet New York’s 20th Congressional District resident’s needs. A good firefighting system will save lives and livelihoods by preventing fires from spreading further and causing more damage than necessary. 

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Project Title: Indoor Air Quality Systems 

Recipient: Troy Public Library 

Address: 100 Second Street, Troy, NY 12180 

Amount Requested: $2,000,000 

Project Description: This project will progress major HVAC systems upgrade for the Troy Public Library. This project would complete new heating and ventilation for the 1st floor Circulation Desk area and 2nd floor Reading Room and extend new HVAC systems to the rest of the library. This work would include new central heating and cooling units, hot and chilled water circulation piping, ductwork, and temperature control systems. The library has relied on windows for ventilation with limited air ducts and no mechanical cooling. In recent years library policy requires closing when the indoor temperature reaches 85 degrees Fahrenheit, or the heat index hits 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This occurred 7 days last summer. An upgraded air-cooling system will allow increased access and extended public programming opportunities to the residents of the Capital District.

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Project Title: Lincoln Park Southwest Gateway Improvements 

Recipient: City of Albany 

Address: 24 Eagle Street, Albany, New York, 12207 

Amount Requested: $3,000,000 

Project Description: This project would complete upgrades to the Southwest Gateway Project. Upgrades include the construction of a prominent park entry, with space for gatherings, events, and play, including a large pavilion. In addition, the existing tennis and basketball courts will be resurfaced and updated to accommodate the new welcoming, and accessible, entry spaces. Ultimately, this project will improve outdoor recreation opportunities, public access, and safety for residents of Albany, especially those that lack the means of transportation to utilize newly upgraded facilities in other areas of the city. 

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Project Title: Phase Three Watermain Replacements

Recipient: Town of Stillwater

Address: 881 Hudson Avenue, Stillwater, NY 12170

Amount Requested: $2,050,000

Project Description:  The Town of Stillwater is seeking to replace old and failing asbestos cement pipe (ACP) water main as well as all existing gate valves and fire hydrants. The project will safeguard drinking water and eliminate service disruptions for 520 service connections in the project area, as well as improve the fire flow available to homes and businesses in the project area. Currently, the project area has limited system pressure due to the age and brittleness of the existing ACP pipes. Despite the lower pressure, the system has been prone to frequent water main breaks, which is a significant maintenance cost and causes service disruptions. This is the third and final phase of the Town’s multi-year water main replacement efforts. The Town has been proactive in upgrading its water system to provide consistent service and adequate pressure for household use and fire protection for all properties in the system. This will extend those benefits to the remaining residents, increase fire safety, eliminate the incremental and unpredictable maintenance costs associated with repairing main breaks, and improve system-wide performance.

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Project Title: Quantum Innovations in Computing Knowledge (QUICK) Project

Recipient: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Address: 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180

Amount Requested: $1,450,000

Project Description: The funding would support the acquisition of technology, equipment, and supplies for laboratories, including but not limited to drones, ground and aerial vehicles, sensors, and a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. The project will benefit the community because QUICK will enable RPI to nurture regional start-ups across industries, turning New York’s Capital Region into a future Quantum Corridor.

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Project Title: South End Neighborhood Water System Improvements

Recipient: Village of Menands

Address: 280 Broadway, Menands, New York 12204

Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Project Description: The Village of Menands is seeking Congressional support for a crucial infrastructure revitalization project within the under-served South End neighborhood, aimed at overhauling the aging water and sewer systems that are critically deteriorated after 80 to 90 years of service. Despite securing state funding for the project, due to post-COVID economic conditions, the industry has experienced unprecedented year-over-year escalation of construction, labor, and material costs. The Village faces a substantial financial shortfall, with its limited borrowing capacity unable to bridge the gap, especially with respect to this economically challenged neighborhood. This underscores the critical need for additional funding to ensure the project's feasibility and timely execution.

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Project Title: Town Hall Expansion 

Recipient: Town of Milton 

Address: 503 Geyser Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020 

Amount Requested: $500,000 

Project Description: This project will expand the Milton Town Hall to accommodate the growing needs of the community. Specifically, work will include increasing the capacity of the building with new meeting rooms, offices, and public areas to ensure that the Town Hall remains a central hub for government services and community engagement. The expanded Town Hall will serve as a central meeting point for residents to engage in local governance, fostering a sense of community and transparency in government operations. The building will also be modernized with energy-efficient design, improved accessibility features, and technology integration to create a functional and sustainable civic space. 

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Project Title: Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfection Improvements

Recipient: Village of Altamont

Address: 115 Main Street, Altamont, New York 12009

Amount Requested: $1,200,000

Project Description: The Village of Altamont's wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) currently uses a chlorination/dechlorination chemical disinfection system. The effluent flow meter is no longer working and the chemicals have to be manually adjusted, which can cause the WWTP to be non-compliant with its SPDES permit requirements. The proposed projects will include the installation of an ultraviolet disinfection system. The proposed system will include automated controls, decreasing the need for operator attention and ensuring continued compliance with the facility's SPDES permit requirements.  Proper operation of the facility's disinfection system will protect the health and safety of Village residents, and protect the water quality of the Bozen Kill, which is the receiving water for WWTP effluent.  The Bozen Kill flows into the Watervliet Reservoir, making its protection a critical regional interest as it is a water source for thousands of local residents.

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