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Energy & the Environment

I ran for Congress in 2008 because our nation did not have a clear energy policy. Our nation and our economy has everything to gain by embracing cleaner fuels and making energy efficiency our fuel of choice. In Congress, I fight against the notion that climate deniers support that we must choose between a green environment and a robust economy. It’s a false choice. I will continue to work to give American businesses the resources they need to tap into the “green collar” job markets of the future and make our nation a global leader on protecting the environment and making it more sustainable for generations to come.

I am a co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, which promotes clean energy technology innovation and domestic manufacturing, the development of renewable energy resources, and the creation of new, quality jobs throughout the product supply chain. The efforts of this group promotes climate issues in Congress and moves our colleagues in the climate denier community closer to reality, strengthening the fight against our world’s greatest threat.

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